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We repair and install most brands and models of dishwashers in Dallas Fort Worth. If your dishwasher makes noise or you have any problem with it, just call and let us take care of the rest. We( Dallas Fort Worth dishwasher repair) are available 24/7 for your Dallas Fort Worth dishwasher repair .

Garbage disposals

Our company repairs and installs most brands and models of garbage disposals in Dallas Fort Worth. If your garbage disposal makes noise or you have any problem with it, just call and let us take care of the rest. Give us a call at 817.412.4219 if you have any questions!

How dishwashers work?

A dishwasher is a robot that cleans and rinses dirty dishes. Humans have to load the dishes, add detergent, set the proper washing cycles and turn it on, but the dishwasher accomplishes a whole series of functions by itself. A dishwasher fills itself with water. It then Heats the water to the appropriate temperature and automatically opens the detergent dispenser at the right time. It shoots the water through jets to get the dishes clean and drains the dirty water followed by a final rinse and drain.

How garbage disposals Work?

A garbage disposal helps make food preparation and cleanup easy and fast. Attached to the underside of a kitchen sink’s drain, a garbage disposal works by chewing up food scraps fed down the drain with a heavy flow of water. A shredder breaks the food down in the grinding chamber, then an impeller arm and plate force the liquid and particles down the drain. Dishwasher drain water also runs through the garbage disposal so that any large particles are chewed up and drained away.

Dishwasher tips!

  • Make sure the water is hot enough. It should be at least 140 degrees, which is hot enough to burn you - VERY HOT! If it is not hot enough, turn the hot water heater thermostat up to a higher setting.
  • Make sure the lower spray arm is unobstructed and turning freely.
  • Make sure the botom inside the dishwasher is clean and free of debris.
  • Make sure you are following the proper loading procedures. Use the proper amount of detergent and make sure the detergent is fresh (check exparation or "best if used by" date

Garbage disposal tips!

Garbage disposals work best if you:

  • Use cold water when grinding food (hot water can melt fats and clog the mechanism and the pipes)
  • Do not overfill
  • Do not pour bleach, drain cleaners, or other chemicals into the unit.
  • Do not grind overly fibrous materias such as bones, coffee grounds, glass, metal, or rubber.
  • Run water before and after you use the disposal


The above tips are for informational purposes only. For your safety, we strongly recomend any dishwasher repairs to be performed only by a certified technician. Arlington, and DFW dishwasher repair technicians are available and you can call for professional help at:

Arlington Same Day Repair!

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Call us at 817.412.4219. We can help you find the right parts to get the job done.

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